Friday, July 10, 2009


The Earth's Geological History, presently taught in our schools and universities, is nothing more than a modern myth. It is just an elaborate story [conjured up and tweaked by innumerable contributors, over a dozen decades] to explain how the Earth arrived at this point in time, in its present condition.

It should not strike us as incredible, or even unlikely, that our society formulated a fallacious story to explain the origin of our Earth. Every society that ever existed upon this Planet, and left a decipherable record, either adopted, or made up a story, to accounted for the Earth. Neither should it surprise us to learn that our version of Earth History is just as wrong, as were those [now] ridicules tales conjured up by those societies we sprang from.

Nor should we forget that the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Celts, Ancient Chinese, Mayans, Aztecs, and the thousands of other peoples who have inhabited this old Earth, all believed that they were the ultimate chapter in human history. And that they were just as profoundly confident, as are our Prestigious Geology Professors teaching their malarkey, that they had their World.

"All Knowed Up."

The following essays are only meant to be the first, true, short, synopsis of Our Earth's trek through time.

Unlike my book, Grandpa Nate's Legacy
there will be no attempt made here to prove that the Earth History presently espoused by the enlightened World, is nothing but a bunch of malarkey. But this story is supposed to challenge your concept of Earth History: So please! Do not conclude this story is not worth reading the first time you find a statement,


First read the whole story, then criticize until you lose your voice.
Lean back, relax, open your mind, and enjoy.
[Even if you don't believe it: ITS A GREAT STORY.]

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