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As stated elsewhere, I harbor absolutely no doubts that a close encounter with the Moon accelerated the Earth’s rotation and thereby initiated the horrific destruction and sudden climatic changes that brought about the dinosaurs demise, or to be more exact, the last and greatest mass extinction.

Neither do I doubt that the theories outlined on the preceding pages will eventually become universally accepted, by all reasonable peoples, as the true history of the Earth.

But! Nor do I harbor any illusions, or hopes, that my theories will quickly become the new paradigm of Earth History. As is often the case in ferreting out the truth; the true history of Earth will find the route to exaltation a long onerous, dangerous trek, with many impeding detours.

The greatest impediment to the Glacier Girdle and Emcee Theories being accepted as part of the Earth’s true history, will indubitably be encountered on the route most people take to investigate the theory’s validity. Logically we must expect that most of those people whether they are students, teachers, junior professors or reporters will attempt to contact some reputable college, and seek an audience with some highly respected professor of geology. And there, within that scenario, lays a joker.

Because, there is not one out of every ten college professors that have been apotheosizing their Devil of the inner Earth for five years, let alone twenty or thirty years, who will ever concede that they have been preaching malarkey. To the contrary those who have tenure, and 95 percent do, will conspire together to hold their ground and will most likely thwart all attempts to teach the truth in our schools for another ten or fifteen years.

Now, there is no doubt about why the professors of geology from around the World, would conspire to maintain the status quo. And its not because they wish to deceive anyone, or because they are ashamed to admit that they have been mistaken since day one.

They are going to do everything they can do to maintain the status quo, and continue to promote Continent Eater of the inner Earth, just as they always have, for the same reason the bible-thumper in the little white church across town keeps preaching about the God of Creation: They are both radical disciples of their respective omnipotent forces, their Gods.

The misguided educaters who teach, and help promote/maintain the vacuous theory of continental drift, when confronted with this denial are going to squall like a panther, butt-shot with a poison dart. They will feel personally attacked, wounded, and undoubtedly remain in a green-eyed feline rage while they haughtily swear that the theories they are teaching are the only pure science. And you can bet that they will continue to blindly support and teach the absurd theories until the day they retire, or meet insurmountable opposition.

On the other hand, I must concede, no reasonable scientist, or layman for that matter, is going to read my book, and immediately endorse the Emce Theory. The concept of the Moon physically interacting with the Earth, to change the course of Earth History, is just too monstrous, and distasteful, mouth full of blah, for about anyone to choke-down in a single gulp.

And granted, the Theory of Continental Drift, next to religion, has to be about the most widely publicized theory on Earth. The motor that supposedly drives Continental Drift is an omnipotent Devil, or God, which can be tweaked at will, by just writing an article, to cover any eventuality. And every year, hundreds if not thousands, of people write articles either tweaking, or explaining, their idea of some facet of the subject.

It should be easy for you to comprehend that any moronic suggestion, eagerly promoted and embellished, for over 50 years, by hundreds of disciples annually, can grow into one humongous illusion. It would be almost impossible now, for any naive youngster being systematically introduced [starting in grade school] to this gigantic hoard of slick books and articles promoting Continental Drift, to ever question their validity. Children raised as Christians rarely question the validity of their faith. And the children that have been raised as Driftists will never question the validity of the Theory of Continental Drift. And pitifully:

I avow: After watching the Driftists for over fifty years, it does not matter how slick, and/or beautiful they dress up their theory, or how many hundreds of people write their version of how this theory was created, the Theory of Continental Drift is nothing but a asinine farce. It does not matter how much lace you drape on a donkey; it will never become a steed, eventually the lace will come off, and you still have a donkey.

It is very easy to rationalize, and put the Emce Theory, into perspective. The emce event is a billion-squared times smaller, and less dramatic than the Big Bang, supposedly was. And the Earth/Moon close encounter is a billion times easier to believe than the Theory of Neutron Stars, the theory that a star, one and a quarter times the size of our Sun, could possible be condensed into a ball six miles across.

Yet trivializing the emce in this manner does not seem to help a whole lot. The big bang, supposedly, happened a long, long time ago, long before we existed. And neutron stars are way out there somewhere in the Cosmos, tens if not hundreds of light-years from us. Somehow, we, humanity, just don’t seem to be concerned about what has happened, or is happening, to anything, so far removed from our personal environment.

We can nonchalantly accept anything that happens, which is that far removed from the world we envision, because subconsciously, we simply fail to recognize that it concerns us. Nearly everyone undoubtedly harbors some shadows of doubt about theories, which so test their sense of reason. But most actually maintain about as much emotion about these incredible hypotheses, after the initial awe of discovery passes, as if they had learned that these events took place in another reality.

Though there may be considerable placid acceptance of the aforementioned theories, and the other preternatural theories: Proof that few people have any emotional attachment, or are even extremely interested, in the Big Bang Theory, lies in the absence of rhetoric concerning the subject.

As far as I can ascertain, there has never been, even one article written, or one seminar held, discussing that humongous glob of stuff, which supposedly exploded in a big bang, and turned into atoms, and thereby ,creating the Cosmos. Now this was, supposedly, the Universe’s most spectacular event. And it is incredible that it has been so completely ignored, in retrospective dialectics. The World’s fascination with the Big Bang, and the other stellar theories, appears to be, almost totally, superficial

But contrarily, most people care, are very emotional, about the Earth. Many peoples, from members of the most primitive tribes, to the elite members of the most highly structured societies on Earth, harbor a deep love for our blue planet. And those, who cherish the Earth, are not going to find readily accepting the Emce Theory, easy.

It is very easy for me to understand, how and why, people are going to encounter considerable emotional and mental conflict, while pondering the probability of, whether or not, the emce is valid Earth history.

Frankly, I wrestled with the theory for a couple years after I geometrically diagrammed the Pacific Ocean, and determined, exactly why the magnetic and axis poles were stationed where they were.

Logic dictated that my theory of the Glacier Girdle, was on target. Logically, the Pacific Diagram should have proved beyond any conceivable doubt, that the Emce Theory was true The odds against a geological drawing pinpointing the site of the original North and South Magnetic Poles, and the site of the original North and South Poler Axis, by random chance, are astronomical. [Without mentioning the fact that it explains why the poles were where they were, and why the Magnetic Poles moved to the site of the Poler Axis.]

But at first, my balky sense of reason, absolutely refused to accept these theories as fact. In spite of the fact that logic told me, the theories were on target: Way down deep in my gut, my sense of reason, told me there must be a big hole, a huge error, somewhere in my calculations

Only after nearly two years of wrestling with the subject, did my sense of reason finally come to totally accept the emce as true. The very thought of an Earth\Moon close encounter raises havoc with our serenity, with our deep-seated convictions, that the Earth is an indestructible, safe sanctuary. So, if your gut tells you not to accept the Emce Theory, or if you simply find the whole theory distasteful, and just don’t want to believe the emce event took place, don’t worry about it. Just give yourself time to digest the theory, and your sense of reason will eventually come around, and accept this theory as fact.

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