Saturday, July 4, 2009


It is often lamented that the truth is in very short supply these days. The "Powers That Be" rigidly control the media and indubitably, in our World, most news is subjected to considerable subterfuge before it is relayed to the people, by any news media.

Our American Politicians' success hinges on their ability to spin the truth, to hide the truth in double speak. Or to blatantly tell the truth, their success hinges on their ability to lie.

And our politicians are not the only government officials to debase the truth. The Republican Party, wielded such tyrannical power that representatives of NASA, EPA, the U.S. Geological Survey, numerous Toady College Professors, and a horde of other professional people, who's jobs depend upon government appropriations, all deliberately spun the truth, and vehemently denied our Planet was overheating, because of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases, being recklessly spewed into our atmosphere.

To avoid investing in "Global Health and Prosperity," to avoid spending the money, for technological research and the antipollution equipment, needed to curtail global warming: Big Business, the conglomerates that own our politicians, were willing to risk sending the only inhabitable Planet that we are aware of, down a pathway toward a fiery hell, which may very well, yet instigate a mass extinction.

It is hard to believe that there are people in this world that are so dedicated to profit, to the bottom line, that they would stupidly risk our beautiful Earth, to enhance their annual gain.

Yet, by far the most harmful form of misrepresenting the truth is teaching our children that some hyped theory, like the "Theory of Continental Drift," is a scientifically Proven Phenomenon.


Most of the Driftist's success in maintaining support for their preposterous claims, has been the absence of any viable alternative, which explained the continents arrangement. Their luck just ran out; and doubts about their kooky theory are now bound to spread.

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