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And the flora and fauna living on, and above, the emerging continent, were about to be tried and tested. For the whole area was going through a gradual, but dramatic metamorphosis. Alphaland was about to incubate the first, and probably the largest swamp, too ever exist. The flora and fauna of this time and place in history had but one advantage, one great advantage, they had a long, long time to adjust to the dramatic changes that were taking place on their World.

This Alphaland swamp was where a fish first used its fins to crawl through shallow water. And where, when cattails, ferns and other plants grew thick, and stagnate land locked pools full of rotting vegetation became the norm, oxygen starved fish survived by gulping air at the water’s surface. Until eventually, more than one specie of these ancestral fish developed lungs, which enabled them to breath out of water.

And the Alphaland Swamp was also where, as the area became higher and drier, that the fins of crawling fish evolved into feet. Thereby allowing animals to pull themselves from one shallow water hole to another. And breathing, crawling animals, inhabited the land. Some of the ancient forms of lungfish, have changed very little since they first evolved in Alpha Swamp, and thrive in a variety of of ecosystems today.

Other animals, which developed lungs, and four legs, crawled from the swamp and rapidly evolved into a myriad of different species. They became the amphibians. And were the masters of their universe, for the next eon. There is no doubt, most of the lands on Earth today, except for the Ring Mountains, rose above the oceans just before, or during the Amphibian Era

Actually the settling of the ocean depths, the mid oceanic ridges, drained a great deal of water from the continents. Some continents, like Antarctica, actually gave up land during this Era. The north edge of the Antarctic Plate tilted down with the Atlantic-Indian Ocean and East Indian Ocean Ridges, and allowed water to encroach upon the Antarctica Continent. Africa tilted to the south and east and ceded some land back to the ocean. South America lost considerable area when it tilted down toward the south and west. But on the total land mass grew considerable during the Amphibian Era.

The Glacier Girdle and Ring Mountains were at least periodically globally in tack. And there was sufficient inhabitable land bordering the entire Ring Mountain Range that both flora and fauna were able to freely circle the globe.

And circle the globe they did.

The following article from "BBC News," is just one of many articles you can easily find which will testify to this fact. Many Scientists have found reason to believe that Antarctica was once connected by a land bridge to South America, and by another land bridge to Australia.

BBC NEWS" Thursday, February 5, 1998 Sci/Tech

Frozen dinosaur backs Antarctic land-bridge theory.

The fossilized remains of a duck-billed dinosaur and an ancient bird have been found in Antarctica, boosting theories that the continent was once linked to modern day America. Scientists from the US and Argentina say the 70 million year old fossils are the first of their kind to be found on the continent. The fossils were discovered early last week [note above article date] on Vega Island south of Argentina on the Antarctic Peninsula. Researchers found part of a four-centimeter long (two inches) bird claw and a tooth from a juvenile hadrosaur, a duck-billed dinosaur. The creatures are similar to other finds in North and South America. The discovery supports theories that North America, Australia and Antarctica had a land bridge, say scientists from Argentina's National Antarctic institute. One theory is that marsupials originated in the Americas and traveled over what is now frozen Antarctica to Australia, where they flourished.

Previous expeditions to Antarctica have uncovered evidence of water-based creatures but the hadrosaur is the first evidence of a land-based creature.

"The dig was financed by the US National Science Foundation, the Antarctic Institute and St. Mary's College in California."

If there was concurrently a land bridge between Australia and China, and many Scientists believe there was, and let me assure you, there were at least periodically, then the waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, were effectively separated. Note, the passage way through the Arctic Ocean had yet to materialize. Of all the Scientists that have suggested that one, or both, of these land bridges existed, none that I know of ever mentioned what an enormous effect one such land bridge, would have on the climatic conditions on Earth.

Even if the Earth rotated like it does now, either land bridge would have brought about unpredictable, but definitely species extinguishing, climatic changes. If both were to rise, in a short period of time, it would probably bring about a major, extinction. If it was to happen today, many people would find survival impossible. Civilization would undoubtedly survive, for the heart of man is resilient, but many would parish. And live would be harsh, at least for a time.

Scientists could not have determined what the climatic conditions were really like in Antarctica so many, years ago. But they should have known that the land bridges they were advocating, would have drastically changed the climatic conditions, and addressed the possible consequences of those changes in their reports. What do you suppose the odds are against the Earth’s continents lining up in such a manner, that they circumvent the World, and with land bridges connecting them, divide the Earth’s waters, just by coincidence?

And what do you suppose the odds are against, anyone formulating a story, which does not invoke magic, yet explains the positions of the continents and the bridges, and that story untrue?

Scientists believe that the continents on Earth, are being haphazardly moved around over the Globe. That some omnipotent, unmotivated, unconscious force, Devil, dwelling inside the Earth is not only moving the continents around like so many rafts in a hurricane. But is slowly subducting portions of the Crustal Plate, along with an occasional continent, down into the fiery depths of Hell to be devoured.

The moronic theory of Continental Drift was first hatched back in the latter part of the nineteenth century, when people noticed that the Eastern Coasts of North and South America were vaguely congruent with the West Coasts of Europe and Africa. Then in 1912, a German meteorologist named Alfred Wegener [1880-1930] formally proposed that perhaps all the Earth's land had once been connected into one super-continent, which had been ripped apart, and was now drifting asunder.

But although Wegener argued valiantly for his theory, he never saw it gain any significant acceptance. The majority of scientists steadfastly refused to even seriously consider the theory for many years, because there simply was no known mechanism powerful enough, to possibly be accredited with shuffling continents around.

Then in 1930, Arthur Holmes (1890-1965) suggested that convectional currents, currents generated by heat and thermal expansion within the Earth's mantle, could possibly force the continents apart, or toward one another. He further suggested that said touring continents might be responsible for creating the ocean floors and building mountain ranges while on their treks.

Though Holmes was already a widely respected geologist, like Wegener, he saw little attention paid to his ideas. Floating continents was a hard sell to anyone, who had any horse sense. And Holmes had warned that his ideas were purely speculative and could have no scientific value until they acquired solid support from independent evidence. Nevertheless, his theory had acquired a small sect of dedicated disciples, long before the smoking gun was discovered which, supposedly, proved the Theory of Continental Drift.

The steps scientists, namely Allen Cox, Richard Doell and associates, laid out, which supposedly proved Continental Drift, were reminiscent of the steps took to conclude that there were dinosaurs on Venus. According to Doctor Carl Sagan, their folly strayed in something like this manner.

1. We can’t see a thing on Venus, because it’s totally covered with heavy clouds.
2. Since clouds are made up of water, its obvious Venus is a much wetter planet than Earth.
3. And if Venus is that much wetter than Earth, then it has to be a very humid, swampy planet.
4. And any very humid and swampy place likely has giant ferns, huge moss covered trees, and perhaps cycads, dragonflies and even dinosaurs.
The very idea that there might be dinosaurs flourishing on Venus today sounds absolutely absurd. We know those deadly clouds surrounding Venus are not rain clouds, and that the temperatures there far exceed the upper limits for any kind of life, that we have found.

The people who conjured up and believed this theory, undoubtedly had their judgments skewed, because they wanted to believe that their sister planet was inhabited by, something. And the fact that it made excellent press undoubtedly expedited the theory’s Worldwide distribution and acceptance.

But the people who conjured up this story, and believed it, were not ignorant. Not by a long shot, they were the same folks who invented the automobile, the airplane, your grandmother’s wash machine, and thousands of the other gadgets that make up the very foundation of the easy life you inherited.

Yet, when they started assuming, and putting one assumption on top of another assumption, they failed to even get passed the first step, before they fell flat on their faces. Do you suppose, had we never been able to acquire any information from Venus, except what we can see through our telescopes that we would still be agog with the prospect of dinosaurs roaming around under the Venusian clouds?
Well, we need not argue a moot hypothetical, but, if history means anything, people wanted to believe there were dinosaurs on Venus, and habitually we would have whole heartedly supported the belief, and passed it from generation to generation, for hundreds of years, if it had taken that long to disprove the theory.

It is easy to equate the Theory of Continental Drift to the Theory of Dinosaurs on Venus. Both rest, or rested on a platform of assumptions. We have already dissected and can clearly see the fatal flaws in the Theory of Dinosaurs on Venus. For the most part it is the age old story; of people believing exactly what they wanted to believe.
Now, let us take a closer look at the Theory of Continental Drift. The aforementioned premises that elevated Continental Drift from a screwy theory to being accepted as a reality are:

[1] The Magnetic Poles alternating orientations were accepted as fact.

[2] The zebra strips, paralleling the mid-oceanic ridges, recorded those reversals.
[3] And proved the sea floors are spreading.
[4] If the sea floors are spreading, then the continents have to be to be drifting.
As stated at the onset of this recap, there will be no real attempt made here to prove that the Theory of Continental Drift is a bunch of malarkey. My intention is to only briefly address those absurdities being taught in our schools which most blatantly deny the truth, the real History of our Earth. The assumption that the magnetic north orientation may periodically switch from the North Axle Pole to the South Axle Pole has never been proven, except perhaps in the minds of Cox and crew. And they were not only fervent advocates of the theory, they were determined to prove the Theory of Continental Drift. Cox on more than one occasion, had to abjure and/or explain rash claims he made supporting Continental Drift.
The undeniable truth is: It has never been proven that the magnetic North has ever temporarily moved to the South Axle Pole. So, not unlike the rain clouds on Venus, the very premise of this argument has to be suspect.

The second step: "The zebra strips, paralleling the mid-oceanic ridges, record those reversals." Was proven to be wrong.

Briefly, according to theory: As the seafloors spread at mid-oceanic ridges, the lava that rises to fill in the opening cracks, cools, assumes, permanently records, the the Earth's magnetic orientation. When the Earth's magnetic orientation periodically switches between the North and South Polar Axis, the magnetic orientation of long rows of cooled lave would record those reversals.

[Copied from the net: Dated:9/2002. “A Millennium of Geomagnetism”
By: David P. Stern, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt,Md.
This is a copy of the original map made by [James Heirtzler, 1968] showing zebra stripes on the Reykjanes Ridge, South of Iceland. As anyone can see, this is not an exact record of anything. And this chart was hand painted by people trying to prove Continental Drift. Any claims about zebra strips extending on across the ocean floors are 100% pure malarkey.
This is the best picture ever made of zebra strips,and you can see they quickly degenerate into complete chaos, a short way from the mid-oceanic ridge.

The survey which recorded the information, displayed on the above map, was made by a ship, passing back and forth across the med-oceanic ridge, towing an instrument called a manometer, on the end of a long cable. The magnometer read and recorded the magnetic orientation of the rocks as it passed over them.

Then the areas on the graph, which the magnometer indicated had a north orientation, were hand painted black and those with a southern orientation were painted white.

To say that this map is not a perfect representation of the seafloor it represents, is an understatement of the Nth degree. But let's just skip that fact.

If there was any truth in the theory that the orientation of Earth's magnetic field periodically reverses itself, and that seafloor spreading records those reverses, then drilling into the ocean floors parallel to the mid-oceanic ridges could prove Continental Drift. Under the above scenario, there would be long sections of cooled lava, running parallel to the med-oceanic ridges, with uniform residual magnetic orientations running as deep as it is possible to drill. Simply and truthfully stated: They tried it, to prove Continental Drift, and much to the chagrin of the Driftists, those advocating Continental Drift, it simply wasn't true.

The drilling crews found absolutely no collation between the magnetic orientation of the ocean floors, and the magnetic orientation of the cores[samples] they retrieved from the holes they were drilling. And neither did they find any magnetic orientation continuity in the holes they drilled. The magnetic orientation switched often and haphazardly in every hole they drilled. The zebra strips do not prove the seafloors are spreading.

In fact the drilling done to prove seafloor spreading, actually proved the seafloors are not spreading. And number three: "If the sea floors are spreading, then the continents have to be drifting. "Obviously can be rewritten to read: "Since the seafloors are not spreading, the continents cannot be drifting."

To get back to our story: Toward the end of the Amphibian Era, scaly upstarts began appearing on the scene. Unlike the amphibians these new animals could comfortably spend hours out in the sun. Readily leaving the water far behind, they could feed anywhere they chose. Their only real need for water was to quench their thirst. Their hard-shelled eggs were even enclosed their own private little environment, so they did not need to be laid in the water.

These scaly upstarts were the reptiles, the progenitors of the dinosaurs, the birds, the mammals,and eventually, many millions of years hence,of you and I. Have you ever really pondered, how closely related man is to the rest of the life on this old Earth? I find the facts are somewhat humbling, and totally amazing. Yet, there is not one iota of doubt that;such is the way the genes bounced.

As the Atlantic and Indian Ocean basins settled, and water kept steadily evaporating from the Sunny Hemisphere and freezing into the form of the Glacier Girdle. The water level, on the Sunny Hemisphere, probably became hundreds of feet lower than the water behind the Glacier Girdle, in the Pacific Ocean.

And as the waters warmed, evolution undoubtedly accelerated, dramatically. Though the warming water may also brought about the extinction of some species that had evolved, and lived for eons,in cold water. The Glacier Girdle and Ring Mountains existed for millions of years, effectively separating the warm inviting waters of the Sunny Ocean from the frigid waters of the Pacific.

During those many millions of years that this division of the oceans lasted, there were some catastrophic breaches, which allowed ocean-like quantities of frigid water to gush under the warm waters of the Sunny Hemisphere. Such intrusions undoubtedly caused the death of countless animals, and likewise killed many plants. On some occasions whole species were extinguished, in other cases such sudden cooling of the oceans may have been the prime instigator of more than one mass extinctions. As the Amphibian Era came to a close, the amphibian’s reign, as rulers of the World, may have been hastened by another invasion of cold water from the Pacific Ocean.One thing is an indubitable fact, once the reptiles had appeared, the amphibian’s reign began to crumble.        The Amphibian Era was over.

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